Pointless 2016 Election Journalism, 2014 Edition
FAIR (blog)
This comes rather deep into a piece concerned with speculating about the 2016 election. Why do the Post and ABC pay to conduct these polls, and then waste resources paying someone to write about them? Who knows. Balz does think they have some ...
WashPost Poll: Romney Has Most Support for Crowded 2016 GOP
Romney's poll lead shows fragmented nature of GOP field for
Romney's poll lead shows fragmented Republican field for 2016Press Herald
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Governor races are key to 2016 election
The Hill (blog)
When you distill all this down and factor out the races that turn more on state politics in order to spotlight the swing states for 2016, four races loom large. The re-elections of Democrat Hickenlooper vs. Beauprez in Colorado, and three Republican ...


Evangelicals road test 2016 strategy
The challenges aren't lost on veteran operatives — especially as they eye 2016 and a possible Hillary Clinton presidential run that some fear could fuel a wave election for Democrats. “I'm hearing mixed reports from people whether or not we are going ...

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McCain to huddle with supporters on 2016 re-election
We will discuss the 2014 election results, what they mean for the future of our state and the country, world affairs and anything else on your mind. I also plan to discuss my thoughts on my own re-election in 2016. McCain's intentions on running for a ...
McCain set to meet with supporters on 2016 Senate raceUSA TODAY
McCain appears ready for 2016 reelection bidPhoenix Business Journal

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Top Republican Presidential Candidate Says Anarchy May Force Cancellation ...
Dr. Ben Carson, a popular Tea Party activist and Fox News contributor who says he will likely seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016, said on Sunday that he is seriously concerned that there will not be 2016 elections in the United States ...
Ben Carson: Looming Anarchy May Cancel 2016 ElectionsRight Wing Watch
Carson: Anarchy could threaten 2016 voteThe Hill (blog)
Eyeing a presidential bid, Ben Carson warns of anarchy in the USCBS News

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What key Senate race means for 2016
Republicans see a 2014 victory in North Carolina as a crucial bulwark against Democratic encroachment on the coastal south in 2016. A loss now would inevitably spark tough questions about the party's viability in national elections. Tillis campaign ...

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Republicans brace for 2016 free-for-all
Yet interviews with more than a dozen party strategists, elected officials and potential candidates a month out from the unofficial start of the 2016 election lay bare a stark reality: Despite the national party's best efforts, the likelihood of a ...

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Boehner: Bush has real shot in 2016 election
WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday the driving issue of the 2016 election will be "competence" and if Jeb Bush decides to run, "he's got a real shot" at winning because of his record as the one-time governor of Florida. "He has a ...

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No Comment Necessary: Will the 2016 Election Take Place?
New York Times (blog)
Dr. Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon famous for saying the Affordable Care Act was “the worst thing that happened in this nation since slavery,” is thinking about running for president in 2016. But he's not actually sure that an election will take ...

John Boehner says the 2016 election will be about competence. He's right.
Washington Post (blog)
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) thinks the 2016 election will come down to one word: "competence." That's what he told Gannett's Deirdre Shesgreen in an interview Tuesday. And he's right. Here's why. Look under the rock of dissatisfaction with the ...

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